Welcome to Spoon River Pregnancy Center


We are an organization located in Canton, IL,  which strives to help men and women with challenging unplanned pregnancy situations. Our advocates have received extensive training in peer counseling techniques and accurate option information.  We help both women and men overcome many obstacles with medical services, educational resources, helpful materials, and unending moral support.  All of our services are free and confidential.


We understand that you are in a tough spot in these situations. If you are a man seeking help, click here to see the full list of services we can offer you free of charge. 


If you have recently missed a period or taken an unexpected pregnancy test, we're here for you. We can offer you a pregnancy test with 97-99% accuracy, ultrasound, education, referrals, and numerous other services to help you figure out your options. 



Call us today for a free, confidential appointment. 

(309) 435-7130

                                                                            24 Hour Hotline for HELP  (877) 791-5475