Unplanned pregnancy or birth control -

I have gone back and forth in my own mind and had many conversations on this topic. So is putting a girl on birth control the answer to avoiding an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy? Or in all fairness, is a guy consistingly using condoms the answer? I have known a few guys in my life who actually were that responsible😉. I hear it’s a big sacrifice! To those guys I say, “Try going through 9 months of carrying a baby and then labor and delivery! There is the real sacrifice!”  And the guy responsibly wearing condoms says, “That is exactly what  I was trying to avoid!” Ok, ok...I totally get the desire to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. If that were the only risk to being sexually active, then maybe it would be a solution - but....not being a huge fan of the side effects and potential risks of long term hormonal birth control use, personally developing superficial blood clots in my leg while being on the pill myself —- it’s just not a clear easy answer for me.

But more to my real point, after years of teaching sexually transmitted diseases/infections, watching nasty pictures of genitals with infection and having students do my “chunks and floaties” demonstration —- I know —what is chunks and floaties? One of the best illustrations of body fluids being shared during unprotected vaginal sex you could ever see! Cheetos anyone? I cannot say putting a girl on birth control is THE answer. It’s a partial answer at best. And the real kick in the teeth here is: a girl goes on birth control, takes it as directed, weathers thru the side effects, avoids an unplanned/untimely pregnancy, but ends up with HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and isn’t able to get pregnant at a time when she is actually ready to. Or a guy gets repeated bacterial infections and ends up unable to father a child with a woman he would like to make babies with.

I stole this next statement from a poster somewhere. Almost every teen who has heard it said it was pretty much true. SEX HAS THE POWER TO CREATE LIFE, CHANGE LIFE AND END LIFE. Guess birth control can’t be the total solution here. Until next time.......