Unplanned pregnancy - options

Where do I begin? By saying I understand both sides of an unplanned pregnancy situation? By saying there is no easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy? This is such a complicated situation. Most girls who are sexually active and not using a reliable method of birth control, worry about the possibility of being pregnant ALL the time - until they have a period. Then they Take a deep breath - get a few days reprieve from the worry and start the same cycle all over again. It's exhausting. The problem is one day she will in all likelihood miss a period and have to face the fact that it is time to take a pregnancy test. Right here is the time when I encourage all girls to include the guy in this process. Take him with you to purchase the test. Have him with you while the test is running - guys should get to experience the fear, anxiety - the "oh, crap!" What am I going to do feelings that go with this situation. Then the test is positive. Most girls then take multiple tests to see if it is REALLY positive . This is the part of the situation that is life changing. There is NO way to go back in your mind and pretend you never faced a positive pregnancy test. It isn't possible. So now what?