Unplanned pregnancy - choosing abortion

The question is, so now what? After personal experience and working in a pregnancy center for 20 plus years, this question is often answered in a short amount of time based on emotion and very little factual information. The driving emotion is fear and whatever a pregnant girl/woman can do to alleviate the fear - quickly - is the answer. Most often, if a person gets an abortion the decision is made quickly and the procedure is completed in 7-10 days - two weeks tops. From my perspective, however, what a girl does is undergo an  actual surgical procedure just to be done being pregnant. She walks into a clinic with very little if any knowledge of what will happen while she is there. Are there risks? What is the procedure? Will  the abortion hurt? Did I think abortion was wrong until I personally got pregnant?  At this point I need to add this is where pro-life people get way too judgemental. It is super easy to take a stand against abortion and those who have had one - if you yourself have never faced an unplanned pregnancy. In many ways I feel the church especially actually can drive a girl to an abortion because of the fear of a judgemental response from those in her church. But that is a topic for another day.

Having an abortion is a life changing experience.  You walk into a clinic one person and walk out another. Something happens mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually that changes you. Sydna Massé wrote in her book, "A woman doesn't want an abortion like she wants an ice cream cone. A woman wants an abortion like an animal whose leg is caught in a trap - and proceeds to gnaw off its leg to get free." That isn't a direct quote, but you get the idea.